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I know how hard it is sometimes, but having no self worth is fucking ridiculous. You all just need to realize that you are beautiful and anyone who makes you feel less than is a piece of shit. Okay <3


it’s rained everyday 

since you left,

but even the weather man 

said tomorrow 

will be sunny and seventy-five.


Here are some specific things you can do to keep yourself busy when your SO is gone! Enjoy :)

The boyfriend: We are going out *insert some date here* btw
Me: Booo.. When will you be back?
Boyfriend: *insert some date here*
Me: What do you have to do? Or are you not going to tell me :P lol
Boyfriend: Miss you is what I'm gonna have to do :P
He's kinda adorable... <3 Well played babe, well played >.<